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This is where you’ll find all our most frequently asked questions, feel free to browse through and find anything you need to know on Robocycle ebikes.

Asked Questions

No worries if you can’t find the exact question you’re looking for, you can always find out more by searching, or contact us directly.
What is pedal Assist?

Pedal assist is an operating mode on an electric bike where once it is activated, the motor kicks in while you are pedaling. Designed to help you pedal easier, pedal assist has varied settings that will allow you to effortlessly ride along at your desired speed.

What is the warranty on the Robocycle ebikes?

All our bikes are warranties for 1 year on all major components of the vehicle since the date of purchase.

Can I ride the bike with two people?

Please follow your local by-laws for riding with a passenger. Our two seater bikes do have the capability of riding with a passenger, they are even equipped with foot pegs for passenger comfort.

How much does shipping cost?

Please follow the checkout procedure. Before you pay, if you put your shipping address in correctly you will know your exact shipping cost.

What is a hub motor?

A Hub motor is an electric motor incorporated into the wheel. This allows the bike to be propelled directly by the powered wheel, and not by a chain.

Why do Robocycle eBikes have fat tires?

Fat tires give you a wider surface area to cover a larger area while riding. This means that going over uneven surfaces will be much smoother, giving you a more enjoyable ride!

Can I ride Offroad?

Of course! Robocycle eBikes are meant for the path less traveled. It was our mission to take you places you couldn’t otherwise venture. Remember to take extra care of your bike and regular maintenance to ensure years of experience.

How Long does it take to charge the Charger?

Charging can take anywhere from 3-6 hours depending on how much charge there is left on your battery before charging.

Does the Robocycle come fully assembled?

Every Robocycle comes 90% assembled and only requires a few simple steps. We include everything you need in the box, followed by an instructional video you can find on our site and emailed to all Robocycle Electric customers. You’ll be ripping around on your new Robocycle in minutes!

What is the rider height these bikes are meant for? What about rider weight?

All our Robocycle eBikes are meant for riders between 5’4 and 6’6, rider weight is up to 350 lbs.

Do I need to pedal to ride?

Unlike many electric bikes, Robocycle eBikes have three ride modes: throttle-only, pedal assist, and pedal-only (with 7-speeds). All of them are really easy to use and you can switch between them on the go! 

Throttle-Only = No pedaling required! Just use the twist throttle as if it was a motorcycle and rip away. Depending on the terrain, you can reach upwards to 52 km//h. 

Pedal-Assist = It’s pedaling made easy. You can choose from a variety of levels, and the motor will provide a corresponding amount of power outputs as you pedal. Depending on the top speed of your bike, the motor will stop giving your assistance when you reach it.

Pedal-Only = Not the reason you bought an electric bike, but nice alternative to treat your Robocycle exact same as any 7-speed bike. Looking for a little more resistance, potentially a workout. This is your mode. In addition, it’s great if you ever do run out of battery power.

Why Can’t I reach above a certain Speed?

Our bikes come set to 32 km/h out of the box, please feel free to reach out to us on instructions on how to increase your top speed free of charge!

How are Robocycle eBikes in the snow, rain and sand?

Every single Robocycle eBike is built to withstand sand, rain, and sand. Some models are more equipped than others depending on the type of tire you’re riding on. All our eBikes are IP67 rated for dust and weather proofing,That being said, it’s always good to take care of your machine by giving it a quick clean if you see there is an accumulation of salt, or snow.

Are the Handlebars adjustable?

Yes, they are adjustable. The handlebars normally sit around 44’’ off the ground but can be raised vertically to 49’’. Depending on the rider’s height and style, that extra few inches can help find your perfect height.

How much does the Robocycle weigh?

All 3 of our models have a different weight: 

The Robocycle 1 is super lightweight at 65 lbs.

The Robocycle 2 with it’s larger motor and rear suspension is at 80 lbs.

The Robocycle 3 being dual motor, dual battery and dual suspension is 95 lbs.

My brakes are making a noise, how do I adjust them?

Keep in mind your brakes may make some noise when riding your brand new Robocycle straight out of the box, this is completely normal the brakes may have shifted a bit from shipping. If this noise continues or you feel as though it may need adjustment please follow the easy step by step tutorial from this video:

How do I fix a flat tire?

Step-by-step instructions:

  1. Deflate the tube completely (if necessary)
  2. Pop a small section of the tire off the rim and insert your tire lever. Gently drag the lever all the way around the edge to pop the tire off the rim
  3. With your hand, pull the tube out from underneath the tire. Set aside.
  4. Take the tire completely off the rim
  5. With the new tube, put the stem back into the tube with your valve tool and screw the stem in
  6. Gently air the tube up a little so it takes shape
  7. Make sure you orient your tire on the wheel, so the tread is facing forwards
  8. Insert one side of the tire onto the rim
  9. Find the hole for the stem on wheel and spin the wheel until that hole is at the top
  10. Push the top half of the wheel through the tire to the other side
  11. Insert the stem of the new tube into the hole, and then start to push the tube underneath the tire all the way around the wheel. The tire will eventually sit loosely on around the wheel with the tube inside
  12. Air up the tube a little more
  13. With your tire lever, start to feed the tire back underneath the rim all the way around both sides
  14. Make sure nothing is hanging out or bulging. Air up the tire until it is firmer and reattach it to your bike
Do you sell replacement parts?

Yes – Absolutely! We have everything you need to fully restore and support all Robocycle eBikes models. Feel free to drop us a line at any time to let us know what you need or how we can help!

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